THIS WEEK'S THEME: Super Mega Boss Fight
want to join in? email: aapbrophy at gmail dot com


Forced Cooperation

The basic concept is this:
In order to advance, the players must work together. However, they're competing to collect glowing yellow things of some sort at the same time. This lends itself to some interesting trade offs. Hopefully I'll be able to finish this, although I'm currently sick.


oops + new theme

So, we were off to a bad start, but I'm sure we'll get better! This week's theme is Co-Op Racing. Let's get creative!

Also, post anything you made from the last theme.


Just so we know

I know I started this on a Thursday, but just to make things clear, Party Week is gonna be starting on Mondays (I might even make it a two-week thing, if that's what people want). Let me know!


And another demo

Please play and comment on GameJolt or Braingale
For screenshots see my previous post.


Multiple Characters

I've added two more characters to choose from, and they now all have unique attacks.

I should have a new demo out soon, but until then, here's the old one.



Weird, zoom fight game.

I know it looks awesome. Thank you.

My name is NessXX and i like to party. So i joined a party.

title screen

Also, it now has a title.



well i've been making a bit of progress, and i've also made a few changes. as you can see, i've decided to make the speech bubbles contain little doodles, which i think are far more interesting than just weird text. it also helps you know which speed it is supposed to be going..

player 1's weapons will be (in order from slowest to fastest) the turtle, the woman, and the missle.
and player 2's weapons will be the worm, man, and car.

now onto making the gameplay itself...


And he's out of the slump!

Massive improvements in both game play and graphics! Special attacks! Flying pigs!

Charging up for the special attack. It's pretty awesome.
Play Demo



All I've done so far is make a really boring game.You can punch and kick, but there aren't any special moves. I'm sorta out of ideas.


hey people, i joined the party! but all i found was a blog. anyway, i've got kind of a basic idea of what i'm going for in this week's theme. here's a mockup.

basically, my entry will be a game which is meant to be played tournament style on one keyboard with a group of friends. matches will be simple and all you do is try to win an argument with your opponent by hitting them with speech bubbles. These can be blocked by your opponent and you can charge them up for greater speed but you can't block when doing so. when you knock your opponents health down all the way, you win.
I'm also trying to make the actual game have a squiggly line art style with weird colors and other weird stuff.

Look forward to it soon. :P

jump updates

Made a few more updates. You can now double jump and wall jump.

... I think this calls it a night for me.


engine demo

Red - Arrows
Blue - WASD

My Entry

No actual gameplay yet, but most of the graphics are done.

sprites + idea

My game is gonna be a two player death match where you have to beat on your opponent until their demise. Think of it as a minimalistic Street Fighter type of game. It's also being made in Flashpunk, which is exciting. Maybe demo tonight/tomorrow!


Welcome to Party Week! This weeks theme is Fighting games! Lets get this thing started!