THIS WEEK'S THEME: Super Mega Boss Fight
want to join in? email: aapbrophy at gmail dot com


I've got the boss done...

Now all I need is some sort of gameplay...


theme 4#

Sorry for the lack of updates! This week's theme is Super Mega Boss Fight. As always, tag your posts with this theme's name (aka smbf), and make a great game! Maybe you'll make a shmup with different bosses, or a dungeon explorer filled with dangerous monsters? The choice is yours! Yeah!


Run, Dino! Run like the wind!

Avoid falling Brontosaurs (which don't exist) and charging Triceratops in your quest to find and hatch all the eggs.
You can walljump.



More Wall Jumping Dinosaurs

spicy fact:
Despite the fact that they don't actually exist, Brontosaurs will fall from the sky.


Wall Clinging GameBoy Dinosaurs?

What madness is this?


week three theme

Dinosaurs! What will you create? Things might get interesting seeing as it's now a theme and not a genre. Who knows!


scavenger hunt massacre

the money rich creatures of the forest are having a scavenger hunt! but do you and your bud care? no you just want the money.  but you can't get it alone. you and a friend have to collect it together.
how to play: 
p1: collect the gold that comes from the snipered off enemies among the field. don't touch any enemies.
p2: use the mouse to sniper off enemies and don't let your friend get killed by the creatures of the forest. 
left click: shoot                                                                                                        right click: place mines.
i threw it together at the last minute, and it dosn't fit the race theme but oh well.